Safer handoffs & discharges

Save time. Save lives.

The Problem

Wasted time. Lost lives.

Digging through paper notes, clicking through the EMR, waiting for colleagues to return your page. With existing tools, it’s difficult to get reliable information or reach the right people you need to make the right clinical decision now.

Our Solutions

Work on patients together.
Bring the joy back to medicine.

Get the information you want and reach the colleagues you need, from any device, across the patient journey - in a matter of seconds.
Enterprise Security
Medisas is fully HIPAA compliant, with NSA-grade 256-bit AES data encryption and enterprise-grade firewalls.
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Simple EMR Integration
Our integration engine uses data standards like HL7/HL7 FHIR to integrate with key EMRs and create a plug-and-play API for other applications.
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Fast Deployment
Get departments up and running in weeks. Intuitive cloud-based software eliminates on-site servers and hours of user training.
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How can Medisas help you?

Dr. William Feaster
CMIO, Children's Hospital of Orange County
Medisas is an effective sign-out tool with excellent form factor… It does not replace the chart. It augments the chart.
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Medisas gives much faster login experience to access patient information... whether it’s labs, a quick summary of which new patient is on my team, or how the plan has changed.
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Medisas lets us get in the mind of the physician… it’s all right there in a glance and is a time saver because you don’t have to hunt everything down.
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Medisas is more comprehensive than paper, and you’re not having information all over the place all the time.
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