Secure messaging, with the patient at the center

Communicate like you are
standing around the patient

No need to context switch between paper, pagers, text messages, the EMR, and phone calls. Securely chat about your patient on top of rich clinical context, reducing the chances of miscommunication.

Secure Group and Direct Messages

Use the right tool for the right conversation. A secure way to collaborate with a patient's care team, a custom group of providers, or one-on-one.
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According to the Journal of Healthcare Management, a 500-bed hospital loses over $4 million annually as a result of communication inefficiencies.

Get Patient Context as You Need It

Quickly get up to speed on a patient's story from the clinical summary, or access the latest vitals pulled directly from your EMR. Reduce the need for unnecessary back and forth.
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Quickly reference key clinical context in Core™ as you discuss your patient with your team.

Be Compliant and Secure

Medisas Chat is HIPAA-compliant and ships with enterprise-grade security, so the only thing you need to worry about is your patient.
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How Medisas keeps information secure, even if you lose your device.

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