Communicate with Clinical Context

Every Second Counts

Stop context switching between paper, pager, and EMR. Chat™ with the right people straight from your phone (or from any device), with a shared clinical context to make discussing patients easier than ever.

No More
Back & Forth

Immediate and secure communication with the right people: with the whole care team, a custom group, or one-on-one. No more lost minutes due to lost messages.
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According to the Journal of Healthcare Management, a 500-bed hospital loses over $4 million annually as a result of communication inefficiencies.

More Informed Conversations

Quickly get up to speed on the patient story, or access the latest vitals or medication list as you discuss. No more scribbled notes, hunting down a workstation, or resorting to memory recall.
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Quickly reference key clinical context in Core™ as you discuss your patient with your team.

HIPAA-Compliant, Enterprise-Grade Security

PHI in your text messages or personal emails is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Protect yourself and your hospital by securely discussing patient care with the right tools.
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How Medisas keeps information secure, even if you lose your device.

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