Supercharge your patient list

Centralize everything
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Medisas makes it easier than ever to work together on the same patients at the same time, with the key clinical information you need to manage your patients, straight from your pocket.

Get on the Same Page

A central dashboard of each patient’s evolving story and plan in real time: accurate, up-to-date, and integrated with the EMR. Medisas eliminates the distractions and clutter.
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Discover how Medisas integrates with existing hospital software systems.

Maintain a Shared Task List

Track if the ABG order has been placed, the biopsy for the discharged patient has been followed up, or if the case manager has arranged SNF placement.
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Have a question about a task? Use Chat™ to quickly discuss with your team.

Use Checklists to Standardize Care

Develop systematic processes for treating sepsis patients, or standardize how teams should coordinate discharge. But don’t just stop at creating paper checklists: implement them through Medisas to notify the right people of what they need to do and track tasks through completion.
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Discover how a 200-bed county hospital has leveraged discharge checklists.

Keep Track of What’s Changing

Quickly visualize the latest lab results. Be alerted as soon as your patient has a recorded fever or when troponins become elevated so that you can make the right clinical decision faster.
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Discover the risks of relying on EMR printouts for lab values in this recent study.

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