For Doctors

Waste less time
Provide safer care

01. Start Your Day RIGHT

Know Your Patients
on Any Device, at Any Time,
from Anywhere

What is going on with my patients? How can I quickly get up to speed?
With Medisas
I can stay connected with my team and the EMR straight from my phone.

02. round BETTER

Round Smarter with
a Shared Plan and Task List

Scribbling notes. Paranoia about missing something: we’ll have to run the list again later. Is my team on the same page?
With Medisas
My team, in sync, always. No duplicate work.

03. Discuss patients WITH EASE

Have Contextual Conversations
with HIPAA Compliance

Hemoglobin is borderline. What should I do?
With Medisas
I can discuss patients with the right people immediately with a shared clinical context.


Safely Hand Over Your
Patients with Ease

Is the night team clear on what needs to be done?
With Medisas
Finally, a reliable, up-to-date care plan that can be depended on

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