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Stop Flying Blind

Track your most vulnerable workflows to see where things are going wrong. Gain visibility into when things are being done, not just when they’re documented, and make course-corrections based on data for workflows that matter most to you: discharge coordination, patient follow-ups, or PCP communication.
Discover how a 200-bed county hospital has leveraged discharge checklists to standardize and improve its inpatient to outpatient transitions.

Make Better Decisions

Understand what is going on in your hospital and how things get done. Get the data you need to improve the performance of your hospital’s operations and care delivery, and always make the right decision.
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Use Intelligence™ to analyze real-time data to inform your decisions around discharge communication, team coordination, and process standardization.

Improve Clinical Communication

80% of medical errors arise from miscommunication during the handoff between providers. Keep everybody on the same page with Core™ and Chat™ to avoid miscommunication errors, or worse yet, sentinel events.
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We draw upon best practices around collaborating for handoff, discharge, and rounding. Read more about the clinical studies that inspire us.

Protect Your Hospital

No more loose PHI on printed patient lists. Patient information in text messages or personal emails is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Protect your hospital from HIPAA violations and fines.
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Discover how Medisas keeps information secure, even if you lose your device.

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