Connected Systems for Connected Care

Integration Approach

Our Process: Reliable, Secure, Simple

Our dedicated Integration Team walks you through each step of the integration process and handles customizations according to your hospital’s needs.

Start with basic ADT integration for patient demographics and admission information. Then, send us ORU, ORM, and other feeds as needed to integrate labs, radiology reports, medications, and more. 

We test and deploy changes quickly to support the constantly evolving IT ecosystem that a modern medical institution requires.

Medisas Integration Engine: Powering Seamless Integration

Our plug-and-play integration technology layers on top of existing ecosystems, leveraging HL7 or HL7 FHIR feeds to relay information to and from the EMR or other existing systems. Need to connect to multiple EMRs? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Medisas Connect

Don't limit your hospital's ability to innovate. Use the Medisas Connect API to build other applications on top of Medisas.

We are EMR Agnostic

Example non-HL7 integrations: LDAP / Active Directory, paging, and more.
Don’t have an EMR? Use Medisas as a standalone application. Contact us to learn more.

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