Understand your clinical environment

Advanced analytics to
make sense of clinical data

Gain insight into how care was delivered, and how that impacted patient care. Make data-driven decisions to improve vulnerable processes, improve clinical care pathways — and measure the impact of your changes.
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of the additional data points Medisas can provide over an EMR.
8:00 AM
8:00 PM
EMR: Physician completes medical record
EMR: Physician places discharge instructions
EMR: Physician completes discharge summary
EMR: Physician places discharge order
Physician makes discharge decision
Case manager completes disposition arrangement
Nurse arranges discharge transportation
Unit clerk calls clinic for follow-up scheduling
Nurse communicates instructions to patient family

Structured and Unstructured Data

Get immediate real-time data on how clinical care pathways impact patient care and how newly implemented processes drive operational outcomes.

Granular Insight Into Clinical Steps

See where the discharge communication breaks down between the physicians, nurses, and case managers. Gain visibility into how different teams are delivering care for your most at-risk patients. Quickly identify the bottlenecks and variabilities for key clinical workflows.

Engage Clinical Teams

Few hospitals give clinicians the data they need to improve performance. Quantify the quality care teams deliver to identify improvement opportunities, install accountability, and implement best practices.

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Keeping clinicians organized and on the same page.

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