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Fast Deployment.
Easy Integration.

Introducing new technology doesn’t need to be painful. Our deep expertise in enterprise security and system integrations means hassle-free implementation. Give your clinicians the tools they need to work together effectively: leave the day-to-day maintenance responsibilities to us.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

All we need is a copy of the right HL7 feeds from your existing IT systems. Our in-house integration team takes it from there to parse, validate, and test.
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Explore our approach to integration.

Protect Your Hospital

Store your PHI behind enterprise-grade firewalls, protected by NSA-grade encryption — so that you’ll have your peace of mind.
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Read our white paper about how we keep your data safe and secure.

Quickly Deploy while Retaining Control

Deploy Medisas within weeks, not months. We take care of user-acceptance testing, user training, and clinical workflow shadowing to ensure successful deployment and sustained user engagement.

Our Products

The Medisas Clinical Collaboration Suite

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