For Nurses

Focus on your patients

01. Start Your Day RIGHT

Know the Plan
on Any Device, at Any Time,
from Anywhere

Scribbling notes. Paranoia about missing something: we’ll have to run the list again later. Is my team on the same page?
With Medisas
My team, in sync, always. No duplicate work.

02. Manage your DAY BETTER

Use a Centralized Place for Communication and Organization

What is going on with my patients? How can I quickly get up to speed?
With Medisas
I can stay connected with my team and the EMR straight from my phone.

03. Discharge Patients WITH CONFIDENCE

Know the Plan for Discharge
and Follow-up

Is the night team clear on what needs to be done?
With Medisas
Finally, a reliable, up-to-date care plan that can be depended on

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